Whizzyfinger Twitter Updates for 2010-02-25

  • School run this morning, will mean traffic is twice as worse getting in…..should be at work sometime in March. #
  • I have just been stopped on the M5 by the Police due to 2 stickers on my boot of Mock Bullet holes…must be a quiet morning for them #fb #
  • I am tempted to joke about the body in the boot, but I won't, not after that bloke made comments about Robin Hood airport….To Risky #
  • Take a snot soaked tissue and ask them how they want it recyled. RT @Haggis01 . bins have been confiscated.. We now have to recycle.. #
  • Keep hearing sirens outside the office…LOOK,I'VE REMOVED THE STICKERS OK ? #
  • Gammon, Gammon….mmmmhhhh….I could never be a vegetarian whilst the humble piggy provides so much tasty food. #

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