Family Photos (Archive)

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Corporal NealeJohn Neale and best man Les WilliamsJohn Shirley Neil and BarbaraMom and Dads wedding June 1962John Neale on settee c1962 Dad, Nan Neale & ShirleyViolet Neale (Nan Neale)William Neale (Grandad Neale)John Neale on a bench c1962John Neale in his army mess c1959Barbara Neale (nee Jennings)Aunt Brenda and Andrew c1965-6Dad PortraitWilliam NealeBarbara and Bertha Jennings (Mother & Grandmother)Annie StansbieA Very Young me !John Neale approx 10 years oldDad (John Neale) larking about in FranceDad and Charlie at Yosemite 2000Charlie & Dad Christmas 2002?A Neale marrying W Slater, Wallingford CTA Neale marrying W Slater, Wallingford CTAuntie Gill (Gillian Jennings, Green..Busher)Simon & Andrew NealeAndrew and Simon Neale c1978 (Badly underexposed)John Neale Christmas 2003 ?USA 2000 Family Photo

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