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Digital Economy Bill, Democracy=Fail

The Digital Economy Bill was rushed through the House of Commons last night thanks mainly to party whips and backdoor dealing between the the Labour Government and Tories. The Lib Dems kinda showed up but forgot to bring any balls.

Thousands wrote to their MP’s asking that this be debated properly and not rushed through in the ‘Wash-Up’.
Thousands were ignored by the very people meant to represent them.

The Guardian

The Daily Telegraph

Of course probably 90% of the voters out there don’t even follow what’s going on in enough detail to understand just how much of our genuine freedom and democracy was lost last night.
The censorship will soon start. The Goverment will decide what you can and can’t look at on the Internet firmly backed by those business lobbyists who have power and influence over policy.

Failed Democracy

If I write something on here and the Government or business don’t like it, they can shut me down.
They can now silence their critics and anything they don’t agree with.

Some people have put it better than me, please read this

I will no longer vote for any of these incumbent political parties who joined forces to well and truly introduce Totalitarian Government to Britain.

Lobbying by business takes precedence over YOUR views.

The sooner I can get off this sinking ship that is the UK the better.

This is an eye opener in to how Parliament works for MP’s and lobbyists and not for you. Democracy doesn’t work

…and if you want to know how they voted, or those that didn’t even turn up..Here