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8-Bit Ninjas @ The Hang Up

8-Bit Ninjas, The Arcadian Kicks & Corelli. The Hang Up, Walsall 5th March 2010

I managed to catch some of the 8-Bit Ninjas on a small camcorder. I’ve put some up on Youtube and an embedded link here

It was a difficult venue to film at due to extremely low light levels, hence the footage has a ‘graininess’ to it. Still, I’m reasonably pleased that we got something better than was already out there. If I can catch another one with better lighting I will do. I shall be booking them to appear at a private party sometime in late May early June so watch this space.
I’m still cutting & editing the rest of the footage and will put that up soon.

It was a good night, turnout wasn’t as good as the first gig, and the sound was not up to the same standard. This was more to do with the P.A. and the mixing rather than the Ninjas. The 2nd band, The Arcadian Kicks were very good but also suffered some P.A and Microphone problems.

A great night…The 8-Bit Ninjas have another gig at the Varsity in Wolverhampton on 19th March. I am hoping for more soon.

Photos from BT Tower visit 10th Feb 2010

I was lucky enough to receive, along with a work colleague, an invite to a BT hosted Event at the Telecom Tower in London.

Lunch was served in the 34th Floor revolving restaurant with the stunning views of London.
The restaurant revolves slowly, completing a 360 degree transition in 22 minutes.

Luckily it was pretty clear whilst we were up there, although it had not looked promising at 8.20am when I arrived at Euston Station to find a Blizzard!
Having the chance to visit this landmark and the legendary restaurant is a rarity nowadays as it has been closed to the public for several years as a security precaution. Airport style security was in operation for all visitors.

I was rewarded on leaving with a signed and personalised panoramic photo certificate to commemorate the visit.

Photos here, you will have to excuse the quality as they were taken witha Mobile Phone.