My Top Ten Films

My Top Ten Films

    OK. So I thought with all the movies I have watched over the years I would compile my “Best Of” list
    Now this may not match up with yours and the criterion is a bit varied. These are films I love for different reasons; either they are just fantastic screenplays, brilliantly acted or just feel-good movies.
    Either way it has taken me a bit of thinking and some films just missed out on the top ten.

    OK then, in no particular Order I give you my favourite movies list.

    The Matrix:
    I like films that leave you thinking. This was so original in its concept and execution…. it is just awesome.

    The Shawshank Redemption:
    This fits in the Feel-good category, but it is also a brilliant screenplay and brilliantly acted.

    Saving Private Ryan:
    What can you say, re-defines war movie genre. Cinematography is superb. You are in the film from the start.

    2001 A Space Odyssey:
    Another thinking film…Just leaves you turning things over in your head and so ahead of its time.

    Terminator 2:
    One of the Sci-Fi daddies…Robots, Guns and awesome special effects…and Arnie in a role that fitted.

    Pulp Fiction:
    Tarrantino…once you get used to the timeline hoping…just outstanding.

    Duck Soup:
    The Marx bros at their best….just full of so many one liners and jokes, I never tire of this film.

    Back to the Future:
    Fun, Fun and more Fun. Silly in execution but it has time travel….In a wacky way….with a De-lorean car

    Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels:
    Awesome plotline, and succeeds with its mix of wacky characters, despite the contributions of Sting and Vinnie Jones. Comedy & crime superbly mixed.

    Monty Python & The Holy Grail:
    Just down right stupid and appeals to my sense of humour.

    The following films just missed out:
    Life of Brian: for The Holy Grail….

    On a similar level to 2001. Awesome result on a low budget…brilliant acting and story.

    I love Asimov’s storyline in this and it is pretty well executed.

    Pink Floyd The Wall:
    OK, you really have to be a Pink Floyd Fan for this…but just a brilliant showcase for the album and Gerald Scarfe’s contribution is awesome.

    The Sixth Sense:
    Good Story …..with a brilliant twist. One of those thinking ones…

    The Great Escape:
    One of the Feel-good ones and one that still has a British feel to it even with huge American stars involved.

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    It was this or Star Wars, both kind of blew Cinema apart in the late 1970’s. I go for this because it was just so epic. (it was borderline)

    The ultimate feel good movie. Ok, it’s not meant to be realistic but you get so involved in this movie. Awesome.