My Photography Part 2

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Wine Merchant
Wine Merchant. Lagos, Portugal. A Wine merchant waits for customers. July 2008, ISO50, F3.2, 1/160 160mm Dimage Z2
Weeeeed. Connecticut, USA. Not what you think, just a normal plant casting a shadow onto the path. August 2008, ISO50, F3.5, 1/160 160mm Dimage Z2
Dead Tree
Dead Tree. Connecticut, USA. An urban park outside Wallingford CT. B/W + Trees = Result. ISO50, F5.6, 1/200 72mm Dimage Z2
Gull. lagos,Portugal. Making a right racket, you couldn't miss it!. ISO50, F5.0, 1/500 380mm Dimage Z2
Hometime. Aljezur, Portugal 2007. Two locals chatting. ISO50 F3.2, 1/100 118mm Dimage Z2
Old Man
Old Man. Aljezur, Portugal 2008. Old Man walking up the same hill. ISO50, f4.0, 1/400 344mm Dimage Z2
Building Blocks
Building Blocks. NYC 2008. Taken from Brooklyn Bridge looking towrds financial district (Cropped). ISO50, F5.6, 1/200, 59mm Dimage Z2
Forty Winks
Forty Winks. My Mate Matty, flat on his back having a siesta on the steps of the Albert Memorial, London 2006. F2.8, 1/320, 45mm Canon Powershot A200
Anyone seen pink?
Anyone seen pink?. Battersea Power station. Matty with his favourite T-Shirt peering over the wall. ISO80, F7.5 1/350, 50mm. Samsung L74
Big Cat
Big Cat. Wouldn't let that on your sofa would you?. ISO160, F3.5, 1/400 326mm Dimage Z2

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