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Whizzyfinger Twitter Updates for 2010-03-08

  • Guten Morgen……Villa game later so just the morning to fill…. #
  • re Mark Linkous,not familiar with the guy,but tragic when anybody takes their own life. Talent or genius often brings it's own problems….. #
  • That's the last Video Done..All on YouTube now. Andy will probably put them onto the 8-Bit Ninjas Channel 2moro for more Exposure. #fb #
  • Watchin Aston Villa is so bad for my health…I have again consumed several bottles of beer in about 25 minutes…. #fb #
  • My Beer Fridge is now empty,except for 3 bottles of Champagne & 2 cans of bitter..I envisage a trip to Asda/Sainsburys/Tesco/Co-op soon. #fb #
  • Can't decide Heavy Metal Britannia on BBC4 or solar system program on BBC 2 #
  • Father Ted…why do i never get bored of watching these… #

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Whizzyfinger Twitter Updates for 2010-03-07

  • Back home..Good Gig…..Shame on those that missed it…. but looks like I have some decent video… #8bitninjas #
  • Just captured the Video from the #8bitninjas gig last night…not bad considering lighting was poor…gonna put Shiny Spaceship first. #
  • Saturday afternoon….I am still not dressed..sitting at the PC….in my dressing gown…editing videos. #whathaveibecome #fb #
  • 8-Bit Ninjas-Live..Just a sample…more to come… #8bitninjas http://bit.ly/amwLTO #
  • Just finished 'Pokemon Face'…'Occams Disco Razor' next #8bitninjas #
  • Had enough today..5 tracks edited & uploaded to YouTube and HQ locally…..watched em so many times I know all the chord changes now! #fb #
  • The Fantastic Mr Fox…weird film..but loved it in a strange kind of way..Done with puppet animation..has some gem comic moments in it. #fb #
  • "Bandit Hats" 40% off…. #

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8-Bit Ninjas @ The Hang Up

8-Bit Ninjas, The Arcadian Kicks & Corelli. The Hang Up, Walsall 5th March 2010

I managed to catch some of the 8-Bit Ninjas on a small camcorder. I’ve put some up on Youtube and an embedded link here

It was a difficult venue to film at due to extremely low light levels, hence the footage has a ‘graininess’ to it. Still, I’m reasonably pleased that we got something better than was already out there. If I can catch another one with better lighting I will do. I shall be booking them to appear at a private party sometime in late May early June so watch this space.
I’m still cutting & editing the rest of the footage and will put that up soon.

It was a good night, turnout wasn’t as good as the first gig, and the sound was not up to the same standard. This was more to do with the P.A. and the mixing rather than the Ninjas. The 2nd band, The Arcadian Kicks were very good but also suffered some P.A and Microphone problems.

A great night…The 8-Bit Ninjas have another gig at the Varsity in Wolverhampton on 19th March. I am hoping for more soon.

Whizzyfinger Twitter Updates for 2010-03-06

  • ..School Run again today=Traffic later..but at least it's Friday & the #8bitninjas tonight…so should be good #
  • I never get bored of the M5….There are clowns on it every day… #
  • I have cut my finger and have 'bled' on the desk…..it looks a bit like jesus…in blood #
  • He emigrated with his family to Canada and now lives on and runs a small farm….RT @Haggis01: Whatever happened to Dominik Diamond #
  • Awesome!!! #8bitninjas #
  • Auntie Gill is behaving badly….. #fb #

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Night Shopping

So people shop in their Pyjamas then.

Tesco store bans shopping in pyjamas

The more I read this, and the comments that have been attributed by people, it seems that people are not taking the trouble to cover up what amounts to ‘bare minimum’ night attire.
Who would go out barefoot at this time of year, it’s not even flip flop weather?

Has somebody considered that these people are not doing it by choice? Perhaps they are sleepwalkers, shopping unconsciously.

Think about how many adverts you see for Tesco. TV, Radio, and Print…Maybe these people have been subconsciously affected into buying stuff whilst still in the land of nod.
I’ve often heard of people who get up in the middle of the night and raid the fridge or make themselves snacks.
Imagine that, sleepwalking downstairs, you feel peckish, open up the fridge. “bugger, no cheese”…pick up your wallet/purse walk out the front door, and go to Tesco… Seems feasible to me.

But it must be common place enough in this Tesco for them to put up a sign. Perhaps it’s an affliction affecting half the town. Something in the water perhaps.

Of course I’m assuming the main reason for the ban is that the people who come in are damn ugly!
What night shift or early morning staff are going to whine at the sight of a fit, woman in sexy night wear (or six pack adorned Adonis)?…Thought Not.

..This is the Real Thing

Somebody else is posing as Whizzyfingers on a .co.uk site
Some site flogging touch typing books for kids.

You want to put wings on the heels of your children? Teach them to touch type.

Wings on the heels of my children ??…that would make them , er ,Freaks !

Just a pity they can’t type very well themselves as they spell whizzyfingers two different ways on their home page…
whizzyfingers & wizzyfingers ( Teach your kids to type?, what, except ‘H’)
Ha Ha… some advert.

We need talented people in this country, not Secretaries.

Don’t worry, this is the original Whizzyfingers.com…and I won’t try and flog you any books .

Angry Rant #1 ..Pushy shoppers

People queing behind me at the shop checkout/sales desk….You are not going to lose you place in line if you actually leave two or three inches between my back and your shopping bags/trolley/basket !
I hate it…There I am waiting my turn patiently and the person behind you is pratically pushing you over ! I really don’t want my legs and back bashed just because you are an impatient pushy git !
Leave me a bit of room please, nobody is going to jump into a 3 inch gap..you won’t get to the checkout any quicker by assaulting me and if this carries on I will make sure I do slow you down by paying for my shopping with pennies.

Rant Over.