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Whizzyfinger Twitter Updates for 2013-11-06

  • Dog from Family Guy? MT @grainphotohub: Tonight from 6pm Brian Griffin will talk about his photo portraits in the @referenceworks exhibition #
  • RT @liz_buckley: Fantastic response. MT @Dorianlynskey Whitey responds to a TV company asking to use his music for free. My hero. http://t.… #
  • BBC1 "Britain on the Fiddle" Why did this not cover MP's expenses, boardroom corruption, tax avoidance, politicians vested interests etc #
  • RT @NapierBones: @BBCOne #britainonthefiddle You just look plain silly now and at the behest of the political establishment.… #
  • RT @fuzzle7777: .@JamesJArbuthnot If anyone thinks my complaint is unjustified, please explain.
    Still waiting for reply BBC. #McCann http:/… #

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