Angry Rant #1 ..Pushy shoppers

People queing behind me at the shop checkout/sales desk….You are not going to lose you place in line if you actually leave two or three inches between my back and your shopping bags/trolley/basket !
I hate it…There I am waiting my turn patiently and the person behind you is pratically pushing you over ! I really don’t want my legs and back bashed just because you are an impatient pushy git !
Leave me a bit of room please, nobody is going to jump into a 3 inch won’t get to the checkout any quicker by assaulting me and if this carries on I will make sure I do slow you down by paying for my shopping with pennies.

Rant Over.

Up and Running…

OK, So now I’m up and running with this site. This is the first time I’ve used WordPress and it looks quite good. Now I have to experiment with the page layouts and customising it a little bit. I really want to make this main page wider, it sort of sits in the middle of the screen with a lot of ‘real estate’ spare either side.
I’ve no idea how to do that at the moment but I’m sure I’ll find out pretty quickly.

Stuff I do & Images I make