BBC Breakfast 24th March

This made me so mad I had to get it off my chest.

BBC Breakfast News this morning had a guest on from some unknown association (it was that high profile I’d never heard of it!) claiming that parents who spoil children should have their child benefit taken away.
Her main claim was that having access to their own TV’s and computres was causing children to be anti-social and lack vital skills. She was adamant that this was the cause of anti social behaviour and that kids were starting school without vital skills.
Oh FUP off !
Virtually everyone under 25 has been bought up with computers and the current teenager has never known a world without social networks. The result, a whole generation comfortable with Computers and IT and the skillful ability to multitask and interact in ways she probably can’t imagine.
She was about 50 so I am guessing this was just a bit of jealousy. She should FUP off and write to the Daily Fail.