Whizzyfinger Twitter Updates for 2014-01-18

  • I use custom email addresses when I sign up for things..so thank you Adobe for selling my email address …I'm now directing it back to you. #
  • RT @TiernanDouieb: Lord McAlpine has died. http://t.co/d64NUMskCw *innocent face* #
  • Surely the hashtag of the day should be #innocentface Use it where you can. #
  • RT @nowtro: Lord McAlpine has died. Maybe now the truth will come out about why he had an enormous turd on his table: http://t.co/H9qOdHdCGU #
  • I see the good old Twitter lynch mob have come out in daylight. Making prejudicial assumptions & passing sentence. #RIPMikaeelKular #
  • RT @NJHag: Suarez cheating again. Biggest tosser in football. #
  • RT @NJHag: If you're a football fan, and you're ok with what Suarez did today. Are you a football fan? #

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