Whizzyfinger Twitter Updates for 2010-07-10

  • Great to see @princessnessie , and also see what @gabehabe looked like in person! Anybody else there who I missed ? #
  • Oh, and I took a ton of photos of the @8bitninjas Expect to see some on the Web somewhere tomorrow you lucky people. #treat #
  • Good morning folks. Today I might try and invent stuff. #
  • I was thinking of maybe a mechanism for attaching midi controllers to ironing boards. Do ya think there would be a market for it ? #
  • Dinner outside, bottle of wine…I could go with this summer lark on a regular basis. #
  • Bought 4.5 Kg of Sirloin Beef today….yes 4.5Kg!… Gonna cut in two and cook one joint on closed BBQ 2moro. http://bit.ly/ba5Lwv #tasty #
  • I am watching football…My wife is Ironing…Seems about fair. #fb #

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